Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cape Horn

It's spring.  It may not be spring in Montana or Wyoming or New York...but it's spring in the Pacific Northwest!  And you could not ask for a better place to enjoy this season.  Bright tulips, deeply pink dogwoods, long-lasting cherry blossoms, and the beginnings of rosebuds (Portland is, after all, the City of Roses). 

The Columbia River has oft been given the cliche adjective "mighty" because, well...that's what it is.  I see it every day - twice a day, at least - and I never tire of its beauty.  This is perhaps one of the best vantage points I have found, and it is a short 20-minute drive east of Vancouver on WA-14.  I believe it's called Cape Horn and I think I could stare at this picture forever.  Better yet, I'd like a home office with this view.

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