Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crossing the Water

The Glenn L. Jackson Bridge is definitely my route of choice when crossing the Columbia between Vancouver and Portland.  This is the bridge I-205 uses, and I love multiple things about it.  First, the view.  I absolutely LOVE the view east toward Mt. Hood.  Second, the width.  There are four lanes going each direction, and while during major commute times it does get backed up, I rarely hit traffic jams here.  And lastly, it's not a drawbridge.  The only other way across the river between Port-Van is the I-5 bridge, which is smaller, has a blah view, and often lifts for boats, causing hours of delay in traffic.  One of these days they'll build a new I-5 bridge that's tall enough to eliminate the need for a drawbridge feature, but until then...I'll stick with 205.

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