Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beacock Music

My husband and I love music.  I was a music minor in college and we were both involved with several ensembles while attending both high school and college.  Naturally, we want to pass this love on to our children.  When we discovered Beacock Music, a beautiful music store, within a mile of our home, we were thrilled.  Going to this store is like going to the zoo for some people.  You bring your kids, eagerly point out various things you want them to get excited about, spend several hours alternating wandering and standing, spend a few dollars on refreshments (there's a great little coffee shop in the store; it's the northwest - we love our coffee!), and finally drag the kids home hungry and ready for a nap.  (Both you and the kids, of course.)  Here's my oldest (she'll be three in a couple of weeks) trying out a mini steel drum in the store. This isn't her first experience with a steel pan; my husband and I both played in a steel drum band for over seven years, and she was able to play those a few times.

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